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Give to Givers.Receive Gifts.

~quoted out of context by...(Holy, "Man." "Holy," man.)

Givers should give to other Givers because a Giver uses what they need then gives back, flowing gifts in circulation. Giving to Takers is a waste of resources because a Taker uses more than they need and keeps the rest, hording abundance, allowing decay. Takers, when they give back a little, should give to Givers because it keeps the gift in circulation, not horded by other Takers. Givers should be good Receivers because they are respectful of gifts' transcendant value. Givers should receive from Takers because they reclaim the gift. Takers should take from other Takers because it's a "dog eat dog world" to them. Takers should not take from Givers because there is neither challenge nor value to the conquest. So, Takers should take from Takers. Takers should give to Givers. Givers should receive from Takers. Givers should Give and Receive to and from other Givers.

Receive with Grace. Give with Charity. Be Blessed in Jesus Christ.

Direct Relief to Yolanda Survivors:

Urgent Emergency!

Personal Direct Relief into the hands of Yolanda survivors, especially in Visayas, Philippines.
This is quick-fix survival. Giving finances directly to the hard hit areas.
Long-term follow-up will come through the Family Faire Travelling Event where Resources will be Gathered and Delivered to those in Need. Recommended: Support: Sponsor and/or Volunteer

UPPER ROOM Spirit War:


Repentant Heart

We are led to send Spiritual Warrior troups to Pangasinan, Philippines to physically parade the land in prayer with deep repentance, lifting the Name of Jesus, preaching the Gospel, blessing the land and people of Earth from this strategic location. Recommended: Support: Sponsor (Spirit War) Troups

Join us at the Family Faire!:


Urgency: Ffree dropped-the-ball on funding. Yikes! This initial event is set for the beginning of March '14. The full budget is $27,000. The emergencies and special needs have drained our resources.

Celebrate Jesus with Music, Food, Fun, and a Divine Touch from God's Anointed
This awesome event is a fantastic growth spurt in the Lord. Come help us perform the First Family Faire in Luzon, Philippines
The outpouring expected is beyond description as God intends to touch His people with Healings and Blessings and Anointings beyond our grasp. Recommended: Support: Sponsor and/or Volunteer

Ffree Art Studios

Gallery Store

Assignments and Consignments
Many creative people achieve excellence in art. Reward their efforts.
Buy Art. Hire Artists. Recommended: Patrons, please Buy. Artists, submit request to Volunteer.

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Ffree Biz Solutions

Business Management and Marketing
King Brubaker, Internal and External
5 Step Method: Create, Research and Develop, Resource, Perform, Results Recommended:Volunteer your Skills and Time!

Ffree Scene

Christian Hangout: INreach Nourishing the Body through Fellowship and Discipleship
Upper Room: UPreach Yielding to God in Worship and Prayer.
Come Home: OUTreach Loving Our Neighbors with Helps and by Witnessing Jesus Christ!

Reaching God and Man in Word and Deed

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Jeffrey Ray "Ffree" Brubaker, minister of Jesus Christ

Ffree is a Jubilant Spirit Filled Minister, being saved and filled more than 50 years!
Now, is the time to share the blessings! Recommended:Plant in this fertile soil.

Blessings To You

Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord!
Now, is the time to share His blessings! Recommended:Reap Harvest, Angels